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WalkUp is the number one choice for queue management. With over 400,000 users ready to book a table at a restaurant near them, we know how to get hungry diners straight to your empty tables.

Why WalkUp?

Join and you can increase your restaurant’s revenue simply by seating more guests. Plus, setting up WalkUp is a piece of cake 🍰


Up to 30% more Revenue

Restaurants using WalkUp have increased their revenue by up to 30%, making the most of their demand. Want to join the club?


Takes 10 minutes to setup

Your staff is busy. And we want to speed them up, not slow them down! So we’ve made WalkUp quick to set up and easy to use.


Awesome Wait Time Algorithm

Our AI models provide restaurants with accurate wait times, taking the guesswork out of queue management. That's AI serving you.


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Over 20 million guests have been seated through WalkUp 🚀

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How WalkUp can help your restaurant

Reach new diners

App users can discover restaurants within a 5km radius and join their virtual queue. The moment a table becomes free, or a booking is a no-show, you can notify them with the click of a button. We’ve got 450,000 app users and rising – want to get on their radar?

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Give your tables a boost

We remove unpredictable wait times and add a seamless restaurant queue management experience. Busy Friday night? Add all your walk-ins to a virtual queue at the door or let them scan a QR code themselves. Accurate wait times for diners, and invaluable walk-in data for you. 

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No shows? No more

The more punctual our users are, the bigger their radius gets. With a loyalty scheme like that, 85%+ of our diners show up on time for their table. 

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WalkUp is all about real-time dining, but for the times when you've got to take bookings, we've got you covered. Drop us a message to find out how WalkUp can help you seat as many guests as possible, without needing a complicated system!

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What our customers say.

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World-class customer support

What would a great product be without exceptional customer support? We maintain an average response time of under 90 seconds and a 99% CSAT score.

WalkUp Restaurant Management System

“Given how technology has developed, no one should need to queue outside a restaurant for two hours anymore. WalkUp is crucial”.

Jordan - Founder


The impact of WalkUp was immediate with a significant like for like increase in sales on our trial site from day one. This has since transferred across our estate. Sales have increased, customers are much happier and our staff bought in - win win.

Jonathan - Founder

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WalkUp is the number one restaurant queue management system
Since we launched WalkUp in 2018, we’ve seated more than 20 million guests and helped restaurants increase their revenue by up to 30%. We offer effective restaurant queueing systems on the door, by joining a virtual queue via an app or with a personalised QR code. WalkUp uses an intelligent algorithm that provides accurate waiting times for your guests. And you get best in class customer support, reduced staff workload, and exposure to over 400,000 existing app users.

Why is queue management so important for restaurants?
We know that you get busier than usual during peak times – from buzzing Friday nights to brunching crowds ascending over the weekend. But a long, mismanaged queue may turn potential walk-ins into frustrated walk-outs. WalkUp is the queue management system that can be used on the door by your host or remotely via the app, so customers can grab a drink somewhere while waiting. With effective virtual queue management you can provide hungry diners with accurate wait times – and increase your table turnover along the way.  

You don’t need a queue to join WalkUp
When you join WalkUp, you could also get exposure to over 400,000 existing users looking for a free table in a radius of up to 5km from them. So you can make the most of your tables, by keeping them busy even during a night of no-shows. Don’t turn away potential walk-ins because you’re fully booked – simply add them to a waiting list and then alert them with the click of a button as soon as there's a vacant table. No more missed opportunities or empty tables. 

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