Restaurant Booking System

A restaurant booking system lets customers book a table online and allows restaurateurs to manage customer flow better. So you can have one clear view of all your bookings, cancellations, and no-shows. But with WalkUp by Dojo, this is just the start. Our restaurant reservation system also gives you a view of your virtual queue, waitlist and last-minute walk-ins for a front of house that runs smoother than honey. With WalkUp, you can make the most of your peak demand and attract more diners during off-peak times. Because your tables are meant to be filled with food, drinks and laughter at all times.

Why WalkUp?

Join and you can increase your restaurant’s revenue simply by seating more guests. Plus, setting up WalkUp is a piece of cake 🍰


Up to 30% more Revenue

Restaurants using WalkUp have increased their revenue by up to 30%, making the most of their demand. Want to join the club?


Takes 10 minutes to setup

Your staff is busy. And we want to speed them up, not slow them down! So we’ve made WalkUp quick to set up and easy to use.


Awesome Wait Time Algorithm

Our AI models provide restaurants with accurate wait times, taking the guesswork out of queue management. That's AI serving you.


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Customer Satisfaction

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Over 20 million guests have been seated through WalkUp 🚀

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What are the benefits of using a restaurant booking system?

The benefits of an online booking system are abundant already – but with us, you get even more bang for your buck. Our restaurant booking system software is quick and easy to set up, so it can be used by anyone in your business. No complicated tech knowledge, no need to be an uber-experienced host. You'll fill more tables, increase your revenue, and reduce no-shows. And thanks to its fuss-free interface, you can improve customer satisfaction along the way.Easy for customers to book, even easier for you to manage your restaurant flow.  Plus, with WalkUp by Dojo you can pinpoint your busiest times or most loyal diners at a glance. It’s all work done behind the scenes, so you can focus on your front of house.

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All your customers in one place

Manage your bookings, virtual queues and walk-ins all from the same place. Because why use two different systems, when you can use one? Our all-in-one solution lets you enjoy a single view of reservations, waitlists and queues. 

Give your tables a boost

Make your data – and tables – work harder. Thanks to our party-size insights, you can find the perfect table layout to meet your demand. For a restaurant plan that comfortably sits all your new diners. 

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No shows? No more

When you join the WalkUp club, you sign up for a loyal customer base. In fact, 85%+ of our diners show up on time for their table. Reduce no shows and say hello to your new favourite return customer.

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Google Reserve Ready

And one more thing. WalkUp integrates with Google Reserve so that even more new diners can discover and book your restaurant. 

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Get discovered by new diners

Get exposure on the WalkUp app for some extra eyes on menus. And attract new diners ready to sample your sublime flavours.  With over 450,000 active users and counting, we can increase your bookings – and fill more tables. We told you our restaurant booking system is a winner.

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What our customers say.

Restaurant Management

World-class customer support

What would a great product be without exceptional customer support? We maintain an average response time of under 90 seconds and a 99% CSAT score.

WalkUp Restaurant Management System

“Given how technology has developed, no one should need to queue outside a restaurant for two hours anymore. WalkUp is crucial”.

Jordan - Founder


The impact of WalkUp was immediate with a significant like for like increase in sales on our trial site from day one. This has since transferred across our estate. Sales have increased, customers are much happier and our staff bought in - win win.

Jonathan - Founder

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How does your restaurant booking system work? 
Diners can book a table anytime, anywhere. No matter if they’re looking for a free table on the go or booking in advance. And for the hungriest diners of all – the ones ready to walk in and grab the nearest free seat? No worries, we’ve also got them covered and ready to head to your restaurant thanks to seamless virtual queue management. Once a user has successfully booked, they’ll immediately receive a confirmation email. And we’ll also follow up with them closer to the date to confirm their attendance, effortlessly reducing the chance of no-shows. That is, real-time bookings done right. One online restaurant booking system –  many ways to fill up your tables.

How much does an online booking system cost?
Sign up to WalkUp by Dojo today and you’ll get a seamless restaurant booking and queue management system all in one. All you have to pay is a one-off £80 setup fee, plus 20p per booking. So you can start seating more guests in no time. 

What are the different types of booking systems?
There are a few different types of restaurant booking systems in the UK, including direct and indirect bookings, and real-time queuing with live waiting times.Direct bookings are the ones generated through your own website and owned channels. Indirect bookings, on the other hand, are usually made through a third-party booking system. 

Want to make the most of all potential customers in your area? With the rise of real-time demand, joining waitlists with live queueing is an increasingly popular avenue. A customer joins a virtual queue and gets to follow their booked slot in real-time, thanks to live waiting times. At WalkUp by Dojo, our supersmart algorithm works behind the scenes to provide users with accurate wait times. 

Whether your customers are looking for last-minute dinner reservations or an advance restaurant table booking for that special occasion, WalkUp by Dojo is designed for making easy table bookings, so your guests can focus less on the faff and more on the food. 

Do I need a reservation system if I run a small restaurant?
Restaurant reservation systems are by no means just for big, busy restaurants. In fact, we give you the option to take bookings in advance, open a virtual queue, or accept both at the same time. For a blend that gives you greater flexibility, enviable exposure and a solution that meets your unique needs. 

What equipment do I need to sign up for a restaurant online reservation system?
No extra equipment needed! You can simply run our online booking and virtual queueing system from your laptop or tablet. Sounds like you’re almost there. We did tell you at the start. Fast to set up – easy to manage. 

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